Disney Pixar Films

One thing I love about Disney films is it connect families together, making the viewer feel real emotion. For example, one of my favourite ever films is Toy Story, which has been a part of my life since my childhood. Everyone can relate to Toy Story as growing up we all had toys and dolls we played with. Toy Story used to make me think my toys would come alive when I left them alone. I would think my Teddy Bear would play with my Bratz dolls and be having a good time.  Characters like Andy in Toy Story I grew up with, making him apart of my childhood. You saw him grow up and go onto university, which made it go full circle for me. Disney Pixar is definitely a film which is for the family and connects people everywhere. Even though the primary audience is young children, Disney Pixar definitely appeals to the wider audience. There are some parts of the films that young people won’t get, but the older audiences do.  

This is what makes it so raw and appealing to everyone. A few months ago I was watching Finding Dory at the cinema. My friends and I were surrounded by people of different ages. Finding Nemo was released when I was a child, so after all these years I still got the same feeling when I watched Finding Dory.

That’s the beauty of Disney films you can go 20, 30 or 40 years and you will still get the same buzz from it when you go back to watching a film. It’s all about nostalgia and how it relates to you personally. I love watching old films back, especially the children’s films I used to watch growing up. There’s something special when you do this as I have found you can never get bored of watching your favourite film no matter how old you are.

– Nicole



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