The perfect blend of Horror

“Welcome to the family son”

As an avid gamer, I have always pushed myself to be open minded about new games, but I’ve always been very reluctant to play horror survival games as I can’t stomach them. Bearing this in mind, I decided to give the newest Resident Evil VII a try. I went an extremely closed minded viewpoint of “I most likely won’t make it past the first 20 minutes”. I was very wrong about this.

As I entered the guest house at the beginning of the game in search for the protagonist (Ethans) wife, my interest grew so I kept playing through the games first, twisted area. The house was the perfect introduction to the game, leaving you with so many different questions: What is happening here? What has happened to your wife? Who owns this house?

From Left to right: Grandma, Lucas, Jack, Margerite and the protagonist, Ethan


After the skirmish you have with your possessed wife and you think everything is safe. A shady figure appears from behind and greets you with the words “Welcome to the family son” and a swift punch to the face, knocking you out. At the conclusion of the introduction, I was hooked. The need to find the answers to the many questions the game piled onto you. You wake up after this event to be tied down at a dinner table with the Baker Family all eating various human parts. Jack Baker (Daddy), Margerite (Mother) and Lucas Baker, the son. Their individual personalities are suddenly apparent and reflect their future encounters.

Jack is very confrontational, constantly following and stalking you aggressively with some form of garden tool, hoping to skewer you on a shovel or something. Margerite hates behaviour that doesn’t conform with you being her obedient son and wishes to punish you for not eating your “supper”. Lucas is very reclusive anti-social, often staying away from you and taunting you from a distance. After this initial meeting, you spend the majority of the game searching Mia, the cu


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